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Timeline for Azeri Fleet - 2380

2388 Azeri Fleet - Let the future unfold . . .

2380 Azeri Fleet Starbase was built orbiting Denbari Prime near the very edge of the southern border of known Federation space

2378 Noted coup in Romulan Empire, Commander William Riker promoted to Captain, Captain Riker assigned to USS Titan, Counseler Deanna Troi and Captain Riker married, Doctor Beverly Crusher reassigned to Starfleet Medical, USS Enterprise sent on diplomatic mission to Romulan homeworld, attempted destruction of Earth halted by USS Enterprise and subversive elements of Romulan navy, Commander Data killed.

Star Trek: Nemesis

2377 Lieutenants Paris and Torres married, Ferengi infiltration of Voyager Project, Voyager EMH authors "Photons Be Free", Voyager EMH sues for sentience rights, Terran space probe Friendship I discovered, Voyager Crewman Neelix formally leaves crew, USS Voyager returns to Alpha Quadrant.

Seventh Season Voyager

2376 USS Equinox destroyed, Ares IV discovered, Pathfinder project formally disbanded, Voyager Project formally initiated, Borg subconscious collective "Unimatrix Zero" discovered.

Sixth Season Voyager

2375 Dominion War ends, Captain Benjamin Sisko missing, Commander Worf and Constable Odo listed as on ambassadorial status, USS Enterprise involved in "incident" on the Ba'ku homeworld, USS Voager starts regular contact with Alpha Quadrant, Voyager crewmember Seven of Nine attacked by Borg Collective.

Seventh Season DS9, Fifth Season Voyager, Star Trek: Insurrection

2374 Dominion War escalates, noted first contact with Species 8472, former Borg drone Seven of Nine admitted to Voyager crew roster, contact between Alpha and Delta quadrants via Hirogen relay net.

Sixth season DS9, Fourth Season Voyager

2373 Cardassian Union allies itself with Dominion, Khitomer Accords reinstated, Deep Space Nine/Bajoran Sector abandoned, Borg encountered in Delta Quadrant, Borg attack in Typhon Sector and Sol System.

Fifth Season DS9, Third Season Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact

2372 Klingon Empire dissolves Khitomer Accords, Attempted coup of Starfleet Command by Dominion agents, USS Enterprise-E launched under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Fourth Season DS9, Second Season Voyager

2371 USS Defiant assigned to DS9, Defenses in Alpha Quadrant stepped up, USS Voyager lost in Badlands, USS Enterprise destroyed at Veridian III, Captain James T. Kirk officially declared dead and buried on Veridian III.

Third Season DS9, First Season Voyager, Star Trek Generations

2370 The Dominion considered to be a viable threat following the imprisonment of Commander Sisko and destruction of Bajoran settlement in the Gamma Quadrant. USS Enterprise reports a supposedly final test of humanity by the Q continuum.

Final season TNG, Second season DS9

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