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Security. The Chief Tactical Officer quite often doubles as the Chief Security Officer. The TAC/CSO or CSO (on ships where these are split) is responsible for the security of the vessel and the discipline of the crew. The CSO is responsible for assigning dignitary details, providing coverage for away teams, and affecting reconnaissance, search and rescue. Finally, the CSO conducts criminal and forensic investigations as the need arises.

Tactical. Tactical officers are responsible for the operation of the ship's offensive and defensive systems. The Chief TAC is the department head responsible for various division officers and the gun crews, and often coordinates damage control efforts. Thus, the TAC officer handles all general maintenance and handling of the weapons systems, fire control computers, shields, targeting systems, electronic countermeasures and other combat systems aboard ship. Moreover, in the absence of a combat information center (CIC), the TAC handles communications with other ships involved in an exercise, and often serves as the communications officer when encountering both neutral and hostile vessels.

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