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RPG Characters and Roles - Operations - Transporters

Operations Officer is responsible for beaming personnel using extravehicular transport or the transporter beam. Normally, cargo is handled by engineering. Standard personnel transport is located in two places, one in the saucer and the other in the battle section and managed by OPS. Emergency evacuation from the ship is provided by emergency transporters located in both the primary hull and the secondary hull. The emergency transports are equipped with High-volume scan-only transport chambers and are used for beaming from the ship only, they cannot be used for beam up. It is possible to transport personnel with 40% emitter failure due to the conformation pattern of the buffer tank and location of the transport chambers.

Transporters have a 4 stage sequence

  1. Target scan and coordinate lock
  2. Energize and dematerialisation
  3. Pattern buffer Doppler Compensation
  4. Matter stream transmission

Target Scan and Coordinate Lock

The destination coordinates are programmed into the transport system. The Targeting scanners verify range and motion and confirm environmental condition. A diagnostic procedure assures that the system functions within operational standards.

Energize and Dematerialisation

The molecular imaging scanners divine a quantum-resolution pattern of the transport subject while the primary energizing coils and the phase transition coils convert the subject into subatomically debonded matter stream when the OPS officer hits the energize PADD on the console.

Pattern Buffer Doppler Compensation

The matter stream is momentarily held in a buffer allowing the system to compensate for shift between the ship and the transport destination. The pattern buffer is a safety device and is a Yellow light on the OPS console. Should a gross malfunction occur the matter stream is contained in the buffer permitting the transport to be aborted or transferred to another chamber.

Matter Stream Transmission

The transmission exit point is one of seventeen emitter pad arrays on the outside hull of the ship. It transmits the matter stream to the transport destination. The pattern buffer safety device indicator on the OPS console turns from Yellow to green when transportation has occurred. The corresponding auto sequencer control monitor reads mili-fractions of flux during transport. During a malfunction condition the patter buffer indicator turns RED and all matter streams are contained within the buffer.

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