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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein
Now into our 17th Year of RPGing
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Welcome to the Azeri Fleet, a rated "R", Role Play Game (RPG) where members actively participate in a Play By Email (PBeM) Star Trek genre. This should not imply that the writing is outrageously sleazy, outrageously gory etc, it simply means that some content written is considered to be inappropriate, by international law, to those under this age. The Group is open to all players 17 years and older.

This Role-Playing Group is under the command of those who have had over 15 years of Star Trek PBeM Roleplaying experience and provide members with an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting and interesting Star Trek simulations.

A member of Azeri Fleet is a member of Starfleet. You are assigned to one of the fleet's starships where you take on a Star Trek character and 'act out' the daily trials and tribulations of a Senior Starfleet Officer.

Why Join Azeri Fleet
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Our focus is on writing.

We have dedicated Ship GM's who put in the time and effort required to ensure their ship remains active.

Secondly, there is no time wasted in any online Starfleet Academy. You are assigned directly to an active ship/unit giving you the opportunity to get involved immediately with 'real' storylines, and giving you the opportunity to mingle with the Fleets's more experienced players quickly and with little fuss.

Help and guidance is provided while you are involved with an active ship/unit. What better way to learn than to 'learn on the job'!

Interested? Apply Today to begin your adventure with the Azeri Fleet.

Concerned about quality of writing? Don't be. Check the posting archives.

The Setting
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With the peace that had come at the end of the Dominion War, it was now possible for the Federation to organise fleets to continue the exploration of deep space. Vast regions of the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant still remain untouched and unexplored and so the Azeri Fleet was formed to investigate these regions. That was more than 10 years ago now...

The year is 2388.

Equipped with the latest starships and Federation facilities, a brand new Starbase was built orbiting Denbari Prime near the very edge of the southern border of known Federation space so further exploration of the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant could be continued.

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