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General Guidelines


It will be expected that you have read these Guidelines before applying.

We have an age limit of 17 for a number of reasons. One is that there is content in the game (both with violence and adult situations) that is legally not suitable for anyone under this age to participate in. Another is that we would like to provide an environment where players of a mature age are free to write posts without having to take into consideration younger ears and eyes that might be watching. The 17+ age limit is an international age limit. It's the same in all countries. It not only protects minors, but also protects the Fleet Administration legally.

After you have completed the application form and submitted it, the application will be processed. You will be assigned a rank, role and either ship or base depending on your request. This can take 2-3 days, some of us do work :), so please be patient.

After it has met with approval, you will receive invitations to join the relevant Yahoo Email Groups. Once you have joined those mailing lists you are ready to start your Azeri Fleet Role Playing experience. It is as simple as that.

Your Placement on a Ship or Unit

Once the application is accepted you will be placed, or assigned as we say, to an active ship and or to the Azeri Base depending on your request. You will receive an email that outlines what you need to do to get started. All you need to do is follow those instructions. It is that simple.

RPG Basics

Within the contents of your posts it is acceptable to use the actions of another player in a minor and uncontroversial manner without first seeking permission from the character in question. However, if you have any doubt about what the character would say, how they would feel, how they will react, or if you intend to have that character involved in your post in a major way, send a draft of the post to the player who controls the character in question to get their input before submitting. Or, if you prefer, organise a joint post.

Any good post will conclude in a manner that will enable any player to take up the storyline.

Simple Posting Guidelines

Please read the more detailed description of the posting guidelines. Simple posting guidelines are...

  • Everyone is expected to contribute once per week. Naturally you can contribute more often if you like (... and yes we are strict on ensuring players do contribute weekly) . Because of differing time zones we base the time on GMT 0.

    NOTE: If you cannot post in the up coming week you must inform you Ship GM/CO so they can place you on a LOA
  • Each post is to be focused on the "Standard Mission". Character development is acceptable when it is relevant to what currently is happening on the ship and is intermingled with the "standard mission". If your are unsure, contact your CO. This is simply to avoid "soap opera" scenarios
  • Each post must be the correct length.
    • 1 Author = An effort of 300+ words
    • 2 Authors = A combined effort of 600+ words
    • 3 Authors = A combined effort of 900+ words etc

      The Time Stamp, signatures or 'snips' from other posts are not counted in this word requirement.

    If you do not have a word processor to check, you can download a FREE Word Processor from here. It has a "word count" feature.

  • Writing is in narrative form, past tense, third person (Just like most novels).
  • The focus of your post should be on your character; commonly referred to as the Player Character (PC).
  • Each post must be written from the perspective of the Played Character (PC) owned by the player, his/her actions and thoughts according to what is happening within the story.
  • Check to see your Subject Heading has identified your ship or base, and that you have given your post a title. If the post is a Joint Post, be sure to include the names of the authors in the title.
    Eg. USS ShipName - "Get on with it!" (Smith/Jones)
  • Ensure that each post starts with a Time Stamp that includes, Mission Day, Mission Time, and Scene For example:-

    Mission Day:  34 Mission
    Time:  1400 hrs
    Scene:  Away team on Planet
  • Use an appropriate signature at the bottom of each post. This helps the administrators to manage the SIMs more efficiently and effectively. For example:-

    Character:  Ensign Kym Johnson
    Player:  Alison Smith
    Position:  Chief Security Officer
    Unit:  USS AQUILA

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Let me remind you that it is a requirement of this RPG for everyone to contribute weekly in the form of a post to the RPG list. For those times when you are unable to do this, a Leave of Absence (LOA) can be requested.

We use the following weekly time frames:-

  • Week 1 - 1st to 7th
  • Week 2 - 8th to 14th
  • Week 3 - 15th to 21st
  • Week 4 - 22nd til the end of the month.

This means you need to post in each of those weeks. If you can't, you need to request a LOA before the absence begins.

  • Regular Leave of Absence (Reg LOA)
    This covers most Leave of Absences and it is taken when players need time off for exams, work, business, school, holiday periods etc, or just in need of a break from posting.

    Only Reg LOA's that cover the full weekly time period, and LOA's that are requested before the LOA begins will be recorded as an Official LOA.

    Most people can post before they request a Reg LOA and post immediately on return so in essence, many players can still meet the weekly requirements when a Reg LOA takes place over several days only.
  • Extended Leave of Absence (Ext LOA)
    This is taken when you need quite a lengthy time period of absence, but because the amount of time you require will disrupt the normal flow of the SIM, you can take an Ext LOA. This means you will need to leave your current ship. However, your membership within the Fleet still remains active even though you will not be posting. On your return, your simply email the Fleet GM and ask to rejoin a SIM.

    If a player on Ext LOA has not returned to the Fleet within a 12 month period, they will be removed from all areas of the Fleet automatically. Players can extend this Ext LOA by contacting the Fleet GM.
  • Special Absence (Special LOA)
    • Six (6) months membership is required before Special LOA can be requested.
    • Only players who have met the weekly posting requirements on a regular basis will be granted special LOA.
    • Only one player on any one ship, can be on a "Special LOA" at any time.
    • Special LOA covers one full month (No parts of a month) - If a player needs only part of a month, then the LOA falls under a "Regular LOA".
      • Beginning on the 1st of the month and,
      • Ending on the last day of the month.

        (There are absolutely no variations on this time frame)
    • Special LOA cannot be taken in any two consecutive months.
    • Players are permitted one "Special LOA" in each 6 month time period. (January - June) , (July - December)
    • Before the Special LOA takes place, players must post their character into a position within the current storyline where it will be 'out of the way' during their absence.
    • Players who require more LOA other than the one full month, need to a request a futher "Regular LOA" to cover the extra weeks.
    • Must be request PRIOR to the month. If not, their absence will be listed as a Reg LOA.


A player's character is promoted through the ranks up to Lieutenant Commander. Commander promotions are rare, and are usually only given to those characters who are in a Command type role as a player who is GM or aGM for a SIM. Therefore, rank of Commander will only be given approval by the Fleet GM.

  • Ship GM/CO will approve promotions for characters who are assigned to their ship.
  • The player should meet the player posting requirements for at least 3 consecutive months.
  • Characters should be reviewed for promotions after each mission or once every quarter three months.

In order for the player's character to be considered for promotion the following conditions should be taken into consideration:

  • The player should be applying the standard writing methods to each post submitted. Eg. Style of writing etc, contributing to the plot etc
  • There must be 'room' for the character to advance to the rank in question.
  • The actual character must be a worthy character to be promoted. That is, it would be inappropriate to promote a character that was anti-starfleet, anti-authority all the time, or kept behaving in an inappropriate manner to be given a promotion

    If the behaviour would be deemed inappropriate in the Star Trek TV shows, then it would be the same here. That does not mean you cannot play a lazy, anti-authority type officers and have fun with it etc. Just don't expect it to be promotoed.

    Nor will the player be excluded from awards because of the type of character they play. A good writer, not matter what the character portrayed, will also be included in player awards.

    NOTE: There is a huge difference between you as the player/author in this RPG, and the character that your choose to portray. Think of it as you being an actor, playing a role on TV of film.

    This all means that character promotions are given according to the character personality and what the character contributes to the plot line. A player's writing will be recognised through the use of Player Awards.


There are occasions that, despite the player filling the requirements for promotion, there is simply no room for the character to advance in rank. In this case, Commendations are awarded to the players who have achieved them. These awards are acknowledgements of excellent Role Playing. Commendations are determined by the following:

  • How often you post.
  • Quality of Posts
  • General RPG Activity
  • General RPG Behaviour

Players are reviewed for awards once every three months (March, June, September, December)


On application, ranks will be determined according to the bio provided. Initial ranks will vary from Ensign to Full Lieutenant. Promotions are awarded according to the way in which the character behaves within the storyline.

Plot Lines

  • No player in any unit is permitted to have sole control over the storyline.
  • No player is permitted the power to dictate to any other player that the storyline is not acceptable because it does not fit in with what they had originally planned.
  • The Ship GM/CO of the ship is the chief mediator.
  • The Ship GM/CO is permitted to take control, within reason, by using their character to order other characters to undertake specific tasks. This is generally done when the story line seems to be in a lull.
  • The Ship GM/CO has the final say with regards to any disputes; both in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC).

Character Development

Although the ships within this Fleet are Mission/Scenario focused, there is room for character development if it relates to the current plot happening on the ship.

If you feel your character needs to delve into a particular area that requires a character development type post that is outside the scope of the 'current' ship plot, a request must be made to the relevant Ship GM/CO if you wish to pursuse the idea. Only with their agreement can that development be used.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

On any given ship or unit, there are generally less than a dozen people who are writing and playing a role on that ship/unit. However, a ship/unit of Star Fleet, is actually crewed by dozens, sometimes hundreds of individuals.

The crew members who are not represented by actual players/authors of the game, as well as all other individuals your character will encounter, are called Non-Player Characters (NPCs). That means they are not fully controlled by any one person but still play a role in the plot (Like an extra in a movie)

Thee are three types of NPCs in this Fleet.

  1. Ship/Unit NPCs - These NPCs can be used by anyone to help support their part of the story. They are usually important crew members that are not controlled by a particular person, but may be needed in the day to day running of a ship. For example, the Beta Shift Bridge Officer, or the Assistant to the Chief Security Officer. These are managed by the Ship GM/CO of any one ship/unit, but anyone can use or abuse those characters.
  2. Protected NPC - These NPCs often take on roles such as low-profile civilians, high-ranking officials, Junior Starfleet Officers etc. However, they can be owned by a player, therefore the title of 'protected' NPC.

    To protect an NPC, the player must register it with their Ship GM/CO so that no other player can use, abuse, kill, maim or harm that character.

    Depending on what role your Playing Character has will depend on the type of protected NPC you will be able to register. For example, a CO might need the support of a high ranking official, where as an Ensign might need support from a character that is of the same rank and works in the same division as their playing character.

    Only one protected NPC is permitted to be registered by any one player on any one ship/unit. This is to prevent any one player from having too much individual control over the story and the game itself.
  3. Guest NPC - These NPCs are character that are raised during a scenario or mission. They can be used and abused to help support a player when writing their part of the story. For example, an Ambassador for another culture, a low ranking security officer who assists on an away mission, a nurse who helps out in Sick bay during an emergency, a waitress in Ten Forward etc. All NPCs, whether they be ship/unit NPCs, protected NPCs or generic NPCs, are used to support the story being developed. If you like, think of them as "extras in a movie" only.

NPC's are not playable characters and therefore should not be listed in the subject heading nor in any signature. The reason we do not permit the actual playing of NPC's is that this would give too much control to one player and that can lead to anyone creating many characters to steer the plot in their own direction, and therefore unfair to the other writers in the group.

The idea within this RPG is to ensure all players are of equal status when it comes to the direction of the plot and write their part of the story from the perspective of their character in whatever reasonable matter that helps progress the story. This can only be achieved if everyone has the same equipment with which to work, and that is one character.

NPC's are needed to enhance the plots, but everyone in the writing group is in a position to use and abuse them so therefore it is an uncontrolled character who is not associated with any one player in particular.

Second Character

A player is permitted a second character if:-

  1. a player has been a member of the Fleet for 6 or more months.
  2. a player has demonstrated the ability to post twice per week on their current ship, for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. A player who has two characters must keep up the minimum posting requirement for both ships. That is, two posts per week - one for each ship - minimum.

Any player with a second character who has not met the minimum posting requirements in any one month will be asked to drop one of the character.

Guest Character

What is a Guest Character? A character who role plays on a ship, other than their primary ship, in a guest role only.

Why Guest Characters? This is to give all Azeri Fleet players the opportunity to play this SIM as a Fleet SIM and not just a group of independent ships. It is to provide the opportunity for Azeri Fleet members to role play and meet with other players who are not necessarily a part of the group of writers on their primary ship.

General Guidelines

  • Having a Guest Character is open to all members of the Azeri Fleet.
  • Guest Characters must be approved by the Ship GM/CO on which the Guest Character is to be placed.
  • Players are only permitted one Guest Character at any one time.
  • Guest Character's cannot be placed on a ship where the player has either a Regular Playing Character or Protected NPC. Why? This would give one player too much control over the plot line.
  • Players eligible for the opportunity to have a Guest Character must have met posting requirements in three consecutive months on their primary ship (The ship on which their main character is assigned).
  • A Guest Simmer must continue to meet the weekly posting requirements for their primary ship and main Playing Character. Not doing so will result in the immediate removal of the Guest Character.
  • Posting Requirements for the Guest Simmer is to be determined between the CO and the Guest Simmer. If a guest simmer is not meeting the requirements set out and agreed upon, the Ship GM/CO may remove the Guest Simmer with no warning. Why? Because it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to Guest Sim and so it is important the Guest Simmer does the right thing to ALL those who are regular members of the ship on which they play the Guest Character.

Guest Simming for One Mission

  • The Guest Character is present for the entirety of one mission.
  • Guest Characters can be anything - well almost ;) An extra fleet officer, Non-Starfleet character, villain for the ship's mission, a main character that will be very much a part of the mission eg. The Ambassador of a planet etc.
  • Only one Guest Simmer per ship per mission. Why? Because we don't want a situation where a whole group of Guest Simmers come on board a ship and take over from the regular players.

Guest Simming - Occasional Appearance

  • This post must be a JP. This is to ensure the Guest Simmer does not interfere with the current plot line.
  • The post must be relevant to the ship's current storyline and mission/scenario.
  • It is the responsibility of the player who has the Regular Playing Character to ensure the post is relevant. The Ship GM/CO has the right to remove the post if it does not meet these requirements.
  • Occasional Guest Appearances are to be no more than one (1) per guest player, in the month, per ship. Why? More often would mean the Guest Character becomes more of a second regular character and that is not the idea behind Guest Simming.

How many Characters?

Players are permitted no more than...

  • one Primary Character (Primary Playing Character) on a regular ship SIM;
  • one Secondary Character; and/or
  • one Guest Character any one time.

Player Behaviour

Just like the TV shows, this RPG is organised by assigning characters to starships or starbases; commonly known as units. The characters are known as the 'crew members' of a unit.

The Commanding Officer (CO) is in charge, but the crew is primarily run as a democracy with the Ship GM/CO overseeing everything. This means, no one player or character has 'priority' over another. All players are equal. Because of the nature of the game, ranks do matter and orders must be followed in character. However, as players everyone is on equal standing and has as much right as anyone else to voice their opinion.

If someone doesn't get their own way, it is expected that they are mature enough (as this is an adult game) to deal with it and move on.

Any immature actions either "in character" or "out of character", will be dealt with by the Ship GM/CO, and/or the Fleet GM, depending on the severity of the situation. Extreme cases will result in dismissal from the game.

Setting the Scene

This RPG is based as closely as possible to the TV shows, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. All players must respect the fact that this RPG was created so that it could be played as such.

Important to note:-

  • Starfleet Intelligence, or any other "secret" organisations do not not play any integral part within a Ship SIM, since this almost always leads to situation where ideas injected into the plot are unable to be resolved in a reasonable manner because the intelligence is played too powerfully and/or too secret; this is enough to spoil the plot line for everyone else within that SIM.
  • Marines are not a part of this RPG.

Use of Stardates

At times, the Fleet uses Stardates to indicate real time. In order to make it easy, we use the following process;-

  • They are defined as YY.MMDD

  • YY is a number for the year. The current year in the game is "28" Stardates change at the beginning of each year regardless of the amount of 'game time' that has passed, thus

    2008 = "28"
    2009 = "29"
    2010 = "210" etc.

  • MM is the number for the current month.

    01 = January
    02 = February
    12 = December.

    Remember to place the "0" as a place holder.

  • DD is the current day.

    First of the month = 01
    Second of the month = 02
    Twenty-first of the month = 21

    Again, remember the "0" as a placeholder.

  • Example: September 22, 2006 would be Stardate 26.0922


The RPG GM's will not tolerate abusiveness, aggressiveness, sexism, racism towards players, etc etc etc. Without having to outline every common sense rule with regards to behaving in a mature manner, just remember, if what you are about to write is socially unacceptable or is not done in Star Trek, then it will not be acceptable here. Simple enough? Good. Consider this the one and only warning.

Star Trek®, Star Trek The Next Generation®, Star Trek Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek Voyager® are registered trade marks of Paramount Pictures, registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. No infringement is intended.