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Astrometrics - Detailed Map

The milky way galaxy is divided into hundreds of thousands of sectors, grouped into four quadrants. Azeri Fleet has been created to explore the hundreds of sector that would be in the shaded area.

The width of the Azeri Fleet area is the same width as Federation Space. Naturally, the Azeri Fleet could not explore that vast region as it would take years to travel those distances. Therefore, the Azeri fleet will explore only a small number of sectors that are located close to their base. Each sector is known to have 4 - 6 systems each.

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Alpha Quadrant

Beta Quadrant

A-004 A-003 A-002 A-001
B-001 B-002 B-003 B-004
A-008 A-007 A-006 A-005 B-005 B-006 B-007 B-008
A-012 A-011 A-010 A-009 B-009 B-010
B-011 B-012
A-016 A-015 A-014 A-013 B-013 B-014 B-015 B-016
A-020 A-010 A-018 A-017 B-017 B-018 B-019 B-020

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, distances are often concealed or avoided on Star Trek, there are nevertheless quite a lot of known distances. On the one hand, these distances are mentioned directly in the dialogue or displayed on computer screens, but more frequently, indirect figures and allusions are used, which can be transformed into actual distances.

This map, is ONLY a part of the Azeri Fleet Game and was created so that the players can explore new areas.

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