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Astrometrics - Our Location

Typically, in a Federation sector there will be 6-10 star systems in a sector. Sectors closer to the galactic core will have more. Those nearest Azeri are known to have 4-6 star systems.

Azeri Fleet has a special shuttle called the Lambda Warp shuttle. This type of shuttle is only part of the Azeri Fleet Game and was created so that the great distances between the location of the Azeri Fleet Base and the location of the Azeri Fleet Ships when they are on mission, can be covered quickly.

The Lambda Warp shuttle seats one person only, and is self-piloting so sit back and enjoy the flight.

Because of the speed it generates, the wear and tear on the shuttle is enormous, hence these shuttles are only useful for one journey. Since these shuttles are also very expensive to build, they are only used to take newly assigned officers to ships that are on mission, away from the Azeri Fleet Base.

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