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Azeri Fleet is an interactive science-fiction role-play game based on Paramount's 'Star Trek: Enterprise', 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' and 'Star Trek: Voyager' television series. A player takes on the role of a Starfleet Officer, or Civilian on a ship or base (known as a unit).

Each player takes turns to write part of a story a never-ending story on board their unit. There is no set order for when a player can "take their turn" to write a part of the story. This is done when the player feels they have something to contribute to the plot. Each player can have their character interact with other characters.

It is expected that you would have read the guidelines before submitting the application form.

What is the Azeri Fleet Academy?

Actually, there is no Azeri Fleet Academy. For the purpose of the game, it is assumed that your character has been through the 4 years of Starfleet Academy back on Earth. Your character has graduated and you have chosen, or been assigned to the Azeri Fleet.

So how do I become familiar with how Azeri Fleet operates?

Once you have submitted a bio and been assigned to a ship, you will be sent a number emails that outlines how the Fleet Operates; enough so you can get started at least :)

Your first few posts are moderated, so that we can pick up any problems you may be having. Moderation is removed when you understand the way in which we submit our posts.

We have found that most problems are very minor, and most new players get a handle on the game very quickly.

I've got a lot of RPG experience. Can I start in a Command Position?

No. All new players start characters at the rank of ensign and go through the process of developing a character. We have found that regardless of prior RPG experience, this Fleet has some unique organisational structures and guidelines. There is a rich, implicit culture to be absorbed. This suits some players and for others, it does not.

All players start on an equal footing and are selected for command roles based on attitude and understanding on the goals of Azeri Fleet.

We have no hesitation in welcoming experienced players and Trek enthusiasts and find that almost without exception, talent, knowledge, positive attitude and good leadership qualities are evident quite quickly when a player becomes involved in the Azeri Fleet RPG experience.

How do I get started?

Complete the application form and submit. You will need to wait (2-3) days for the application to be processed. On approval you will be sent an email. Simply follow the directions in that email. It is that simple to get started.

Star Trek®, Star Trek The Next Generation®, Star Trek Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek Voyager® are registered trade marks of Paramount Pictures, registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. No infringement is intended.