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Engineering - Sovereign Class - Specifications


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Type Enhanced Deterrence Explorer (Battlecruiser)
Unit Run NCC 1700 USS Sovereign

NCC 1701- E USS Enterprise (Out of Service)
NCC 75640 - USS Southern Cross (Azeri Fleet)
NCC 75642 - USS Endurance (Azeri Fleet)
plus 3 in service, 6 building, 15 planned

Commissioned 2373 - present
Dimensions Length: 680 m

Beam: 240 m
Height: 87 m
Decks: 24

Mass 3,500,000 tons
Crew 885 (130 Officers; 725 Enlisted Crew). 2,500 person evacuation limit
Shuttle The Sovereign-class Main Shuttlebay is equipped with:

4 - Type-8 Medium Short-Range Shuttlecraft
4 - Type-9 Medium Long-Range Shuttlecraft
3 - Type-11 Heavy Long-Range Shuttlecraft
4 - Work Bee -Type Maintenance Pods

The Sovereign-class Secondary Shuttlebay is equipped with:
2 - Type-8 Medium Short-Range Shuttlecraft
2 - Type-9 Medium Long-Range Shuttlecraft
1 - Type-11 Heavy Long-Range Shuttlecraft
4 - Work Bee-Type Maintenance Pods

Freight Shuttle - Argo Type

Type IX Captain's Yacht

Armament 12 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 85,000 TeraWatts

1 x Rapid fire quantum torpedo tube + 600 torpedoes
5 x Type 4 Burst Fire photon torpedo tubes + 500 photon torpedoes total
Antimatter spread emitter

Defence Systems Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 4,590,000 TeraJoules

Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 10cm Ablative armour.
High level Structural Integrity Field

Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise: Warp Factor 8

Maximum Cruise: Warp Factor 9.9
Maximum Rated: Warp Factor 9.99 for thirty six hours

Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower: 1,700

Torpedo Firepower: 5,700
Weapon Range and Accuracy: 1,260
Shield Strength: 1,700
Hull Armour: 1,900
Speed: 4,125
Combat Manoeuvrability: 4,000

Overall Strength Index 2,925
Diplomatic Capability Grade 5
Expected Hull Life 120 years
Refit Cycle Minor: 1 year

Standard: 5 year
Major: 10 year

Mission Types
  • Tactical/Defensive Operations: Typical Missions include patrolling the Gorn Border, Cardassian Occupation zones, Borg interdiction missions, or protecting any Federation interest from hostile intent in planetary or interstellar conflicts.
  • Emergency/Search and Rescue: Typical Missions include answering standard Federation emergency beacons, extraction of Federation or Non-Federation citizens in distress, retrieval of Federation or Non-Federation spacecraft in distress, small-scale planetary evacuation - medium or large scale planetary evacuation is not feasible.
  • Federation Policy and Diplomacy: An Sovereign-class starship can be used as an envoy during deep-space operations. Deep-space Exploration: The Sovereign class is equipped for long-range interstellar survey and mapping missions, as well as the ability to explore a wide variety of planetary classifications.
  • Contact with Alien Lifeforms: Pursuant to Starfleet Policy regarding the discovery of new life, facilities aboard the Sovereign class include a variety of exobiology and xenobiological suites, and a small cultural anthropology staff, allowing for limited deep-space life form study and interaction.
  • Ongoing Scientific Investigation: A Sovereign-class starship is equipped with scientific laboratories and a wide variety of sensor probes and sensor arrays, giving her the ability to perform a wide variety of ongoing scientific investigations.
Operating Modes
  • Cruise Mode - The normal operating condition of the ship.
  • Yellow Alert - Designates a ship wide state of increased preparedness for possible crisis situations.
  • Red Alert - Designates an actual state of emergency in which the ship or crew is endangered, immediately impending emergencies, or combat situations.
  • Blue Alert – Mode used aboard ships with planetfall capability when landing mode is initialized. Note: This class of ship does not have planet fall capability.
  • External Support Mode - State of reduced activity that exists when a ship is docked at a starbase or other support facility.
  • Reduced Power Mode - This protocol is invoked in case of a major failure in spacecraft power generation, in case of critical fuel shortage, or in the event that a tactical situation requires severe curtailment of onboard power generation.

During all modes of operation, the ship runs on four six-hour shifts designated Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

During Cruise Mode, the ship's operations are run on three 8-hour shifts designated Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Should a crisis develop, it may revert to a four-shift system of six hours to keep crew fatigue down.

Typical Shift command is as follows:

Alpha Shift – Captain (CO)
Beta Shift – Executive Officer (XO)
Gamma Shift - Second Officer / Night Conn

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