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Science Officers are responsible for all scientific research aboard the vessel. The Chief Science Officer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge science terminals and scientific sensor arrays, and investigations into any unidentified spatial phenomena (or technology in conjunction with the chief engineer) that a starship or base may encounter.

Arcanis System

Star system. Federation claimed space, the ancient Klingon claim to the area having been relinquished over one hundred years ago. In late 2372 Gowron renewed their claim to the area and demanded that the Federation withdraw from the area at once. [Broken Link] A Klingon fleet was sent into Arcanis, so sparking a full state of war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The Klingons eventually forced a full withdrawal from this sector and surrounding space during the year long war. (Apocalypse Rising [Null])

Argosian System

Star system. Located near the Bajoran sector. (Babel [DS9])

Bajoran System

Star system. Home of the Bajoran race. Located in neutral space between the Cardassian Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Site of the Bajoran Wormhole, which is a short cut to the distant Gamma Quadrant (Emissary [DS9])


Planet. A recent drought has significantly increased the price of the planets main export, the popular syrupy food item made from squill. (The Magnificent Ferengi [DS9])

Cabrell System

Star system. Binary system with a large amount of ionic interference. Within Federation control, this system was almost ceded to the Dominion in a prospective treaty. Once it was discovered that Cabrell I held a source for Ketracel White, the talks disintegrated. (Statistical Probabilities [DS9])

Cardassian System

Star system. Home of the Cardassian race. Located about 3 light years from the Bajoran system. [Explorers] From station DS9 it is on a bearing of 269 mark 032. (Way of the Warrior [Null])

Chin'toka System

Star system. Major Cardassian system taken by the combined fleet at the end of 2372. Left protected only by five squadrons of Jem'Hadar and automated weapons platforms, both planets fell though at great cost in ships and personnel. (Tears of the Prophets)

Dapa System

Star system. Located three days travel from the Korma outpost it was the site of the nearest Cardassian warship during the Klingon attack. (Return to Grace [DS9])


Star System. Located in the Bajoran sector. Only one 'barely' Class M planet. Found to be the crash site of the Ravinok, where the Breen were using the survivors to mine the rich dilithium deposits. (Indiscretion [DS9])

Hanoli System

Star system. Destroyed in 23rd Century by a subspace rift similar to the false rift that threatened the Bajoran system in 2369. The catastrophic expansion and collapse of the rift was accidentally triggered by a Vulcan pulse wave torpedo designed to seal the rupture. (If Wishes were Horses [DS9])

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