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Science Officers are responsible for all scientific research aboard the vessel. The Chief Science Officer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge science terminals and scientific sensor arrays, and investigations into any unidentified spatial phenomena (or technology in conjunction with the chief engineer) that a starship or base may encounter.

Algera Sector

Remote area of space within the borders of the Cardassian Empire. (The Die is Cast [Null])

Almatha Sector

Area of space in Cardassian territory near the Bajoran border. The Almatha security perimeter consists of a number of Outposts situated along the border. (Defiant [DS9])

Collandra Sector

Area of space. Staging area for the Dominion fleet that took Betazed. Far off Dominion supply lines, it was thought to have low strategic value. [In the Pale Moonlight] Having solidified their holding here, the Dominion forces tried to run supply lines into the Argolis Cluster and threaten Vulcan. (The Reckoning [DS9])

Glentara Sector

Area of space. Strategic location near the heart of the Romulan Empire. (In the Pale Moonlight [DS9])

Kevla Sector

Taken by the Dominion in the first day of the war with the Federation. (The Valiant)

Retharin Sector

Area of space. Remote area six days at maximum warp from the Vegan system. The USS Olympia crashed here in 2370 on an Class L planet with the loss of all hands. (Sound of Her Voice)

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