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Azeri Fleet Races - Sentinels

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-008
System -
Planet Name -
Planet Type -

Description of Race

  • They cover themselves with a gray, bone plates, like an armor. Muscles are apparent under the skin, which seemed quite thick. The body armour can be removed by pressing a well camouflaged switch located at the back.
  • Narrow inexpressive eyes, more like deep dark holes than real eyes. They cover their face with a large helmet which shelters both mouth and head, leaving just the space for the eyes to be. While wearing helmet there is no trace of mouth or ears. But the do have small narrow holes on the sides of the head and on that thing which appeared to be a chin.
  • They wear a sharp claw on their left arms, mounted on a sort of wide bracelet, tight around the wrist. There are no visible signs of an opening. Although a direct phaser blast does release whatever lock it has.
  • Scopolamine, a mind control drug, is effective in retrieving truthful answers from these Aliens.

Known Contacts for Race

  • S'Netar - Military Leader

Other Information

Ship Sentinel.jpg
  • Their ships are literally giant weapons. Designed to ram their opponents with little if any damage to themselves. Alien Soldiers were trained and were placed specifically on board these "Ramming Ships", having full knowledge of the fate that awaited them. The ship has a weakness at the back of the ship.
  • They do not recognize "Federation Law"
  • Claimed this region of space (AZ-A-005 over 500 years ago)
  • One of the ship weapons is a black square shaped pod device which can burn shields. Then it attached itself firmly on the outer hull of the ship. Once attached, the square pods melt and spread out, covering large portions of the hull with a dark, tar-like substance. The pods consist of heavy matter particles. They block all energy signatures, incoming or outgoing. In addition, they increase the base mass of the ship. It contains a material that enables it to magnetise itself to the hull. To repel it, the polarities need to be reversed.
  • They use their ships to slowly destroy planets and moons (Any Star System) to shreds, extracting valuable minerals and metals from the planets in the process. The abundance of harvested mineral resources enable in the area enable them to re-grow their weapons and ships in no time flat
  • Sentinel warships are called 'rapiers', named after the thrusting action of a Rapier Blade or two-edged sword. Their ships operate on the same theory, the ramming or thrusting motion to obliterate their opponents
  • They remove sections of their own armour and lay it over the wounds of a fallen comrade. This cauterizes the injury, enough so the comrade is able to stand and fight once more.

Starfleet Status

  • Level II Quarantine in place in Sector AZ-A-005. No ships permitted to enter without Starfleet Clearance.
  • One planet within their space is known to have a large structure built on the surface. It is believed to be a portal to another galaxy, perhaps preluding an invasion. Further investigation will be required.
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