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Azeri Fleet Races - Semorians

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-002
System Nescio
Planet Name Seymour
Planet Type M

Description of Planet

They have a substantial amount of debris both in orbit and also scattered around i different pockets of space. The whole system just looks like a 'dumping ground'. The debris field is known as the "The D-Zone"; the Dumping Zone.

Description of Race

  • They fight wars only to defend their homeworld.
  • They are not aggressive by any means.
  • They do not initiate attacks.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Arielle Agate. Leader of the Semorians
  • Huron Agate. Young boy no older than 19 by human standards. Son of Arielle and Jamhor Agate.

Other Information

  • Males and Females are treated as treated equals.
  • Males and Females have the same 'power' within their society.
  • They have better technology than the Camarians. Their ships are faster, their weapons are more powerful.
  • If they were to launch a full assault upon the Camarians, they could very well have succeeded in ending the war once and for all, which was suggested to them many times by the Pemfoids, but they refused to do it.
  • They had been receiving weapons from the Pemfoids during the war. These weapons were of greater lethality and accuracy than what the Camarians have. No warp technology has been shared with them though.

Starfleet Status

  • Semorians are good friends with the Federation and are wanting to join.
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