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General Information

Quadrant Beta
Sector AZ-B-003 (Unnamed)
System Runnarian
Planet Name here are 3 planets in this system
Planet Type -

Description of Race


There are two types of sentinent beings.

  • A machine-like species - (Gathers) - They were originally built as a star ship for the Hunters to use as a mode of transport through space. Each ship is its own individual life form. They are called 'Gatherers' because they travel systems to gather resources that they need to keep themselves maintained. They use holographic type images to help them communicate with other species. They like to perform at peak efficiency.

    Each ship has a cloaking device which is undetectable when it is functioning properly. Only an energy discharge coming in contact with the ship will reveal its location.

    They are able to fire their weapons through the cloak. They also have shields when they are cloaked.

    When they cloak they emit Theta Radation.
  • The Flesh and Blood - The Organics - (The Hunters). They hunt down the Gatherers in an effort to destroy them.

Slowly, over the years the Hunters continually upgraded their ships system. They did this so well that they eventually found that their ships evolved into sentient beings! Realising that this could be a mistake, they began to disassemble then and downgrade them, but before they could do any significant changes, the ships began to eliminated the Hunters.

However, the Gatherers found they did not have the skill or resources to upgrade their own systems as fast as the organic hunters could do for them as they only had 'servo droids' to carry out the actual physical upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

As a result, the Gatherers been hunted almost to extinction. There are only five left.

The creators (The Hunters), still hunt down those Five ships (Gatherers) so they can destroy them. This has resulted in the Gatherers believing that all organics are the same and are worthy only of death.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Vartax - Twelfth Fleet of Gatherers
  • Vorthos - Twelfth Fleet of Gatherers

Other Information

  • Resource gathering has spread from sector AZ-B-003 to AZ-B-001
  • First Contact with this species was made in sector AZ-B-001. A sector that has a system, called the Talbot System, which is rich in dilithium; a resource that the Gatherers of this species require. The second planet of the Talbot system is where the dilithium can be found.

Starfleet Status

  • Currently Investigating
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