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Azeri Fleet Races - Pemfoids

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-002
System Nescio
Planet Name Unknown
Planet Type Unknown

Description of Planet


Description of Race

  • Manipulative.
  • Not much is known about them. They pretty much keep to themselves and don’t reveal too much about themselves.

Other Information

  • They provided two planets, the Camarians and Semorians, with weapons and advice with regards to a war, but never actually participated in the war themselves, in the hope that both races would wipte each other out so they could gain access to the resources that could only be found on the planet Camry; and ore called . They have been giving weapons of greater lethality and accuracy to the Semorians, while supplying greater quantities of lower capability weapons to the Camrians.
  • The Pemfoids mask their true intentions and deal with both races with deception.
  • It is suspected that they have warp technology.
  • Pemfoids used a combination of camouflage and cloaking devices.
  • The Pemfoids purposely put up the junkyard as a means to disrupt any sensor readings looking for anything unusual, which enables them to use their camouflage and cloaking devices undetected.
  • Pemfoids might be capable of producing portals, or temporary wormholes.
  • Elite of the Consortium are called Crusaders. A genetically engineered super soldier. They use camouflage and cloaking devices and wear black armour.

Starfleet Status

  • The Pemfoids are regarded as outcasts and have nothing to do with the Federation.
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