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Azeri Fleet Races - Merpeople

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-004
System Erbyan Star System
Planet Name Erbya 5
Planet Type Class N

Description of Planet

  • It is 12,000 to kilometers in diameter.
  • It has an atmosphere that contain oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Water and life-forms are typically abundant.
  • 98% of this planet is covered with water.
  • Days are little longer on this planet that that on Earth

Description of Race

  • Used to live on Erbya 7 but due to the planet being on a collision course with a comet, as many of the population were relocated to Erbya 5.
  • Population of approximately 700 thousand inhabitants
  • D Steam Age (Examples: Argo, Brax, Canopus 2, Omicron 4, Rigel 7, Tartarus 5 )
  • Passive Culture.
  • They have an ecological commitment to caring and tending to their planet which has delayed their cultural and technological development.
  • With regards to a Rogue Comet on a collision course with their planet, their planetary reaction varied from mass hysteria to resignation to desperate attempts to 'force' their technological level higher to find a solution.
  • Although years from developing space faring abilities, Erbyans are aware of the existence of the Federation from a botched cultural observation. This took place approximately 40 years earlier. There has been no contact with Erbya 7 since now.
  • The live underwater
  • Webbing between the fingers
  • Sharp Nails protruding from each finger
  • They are able to breathe oxygen both through lungs as humanoids do, for short periods, however their main oxygen intake is through the processing of water through gills.
  • They are not bipeds, having a humanoid upper torso and a large fin on the lower torso.
  • The lower torso is covered in scales similar to aquatic vertebrates and have a glistening dark green appearance.
  • They have a light-green skinned torso and have silver-green hair similar to humanoids.
  • Eye color varies from green to silver to violet.
  • As their main dwelling is underwater they have no nasal cavity as such. *The Erbyans have a highly developed spoken and written language system similar to many Federation languages although they often speak in idiom.
  • While under cultural investigation the universal translator had initial trouble making the translations, but soon adapted. It is however anticipated that their pattern of speech may require individual effort in addition to the UT.
  • Their habitat and fledgling industry is maintained on the ocean floor in clusters.
  • Trade routes are firmly established between these clusters and are very profitable.
  • The Erbyans have formed a matriarchal society, with the female gender at the forefront of their government
  • Government is primarily a republican-style.
  • Sexual equality is developing, however the male Erbyans still tend to do more of the base level tasks in the clusters.
  • In addition to these people, there are a small number of humanoids living on the 2% of land on the K-Class planet. Referred to the Erbyans as 'the mutants' they are a nomadic people with no organized social structure. They are regarded by the Erbyans with a certain amount of animosity although the exact reason for this is currently unclear.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Blar'ock - Food Gatherer - Male
  • Sureane - Female
  • Kahlli - Leader (Cleric) - Female
  • Valiene - Female

Other Information

  • They are fiercely proud of their heritage and stay intimately connected with their past. Their folklore is rich and is handed down and shared at regular intervals. There are several prominent figures in the past including l'K'n (li-KRA-nin), 'the destroyer', who is said to have freed the Erbyans from 'the oppressors.' They are also intimately attached to their environment and protect their clusters from both living creatures and uninvited plant life alike.
  • Weaponry: A bow and arrow. The tip of the arrow contains a toxin. The toxin is actually a virus. The purpose of the virus is not to kill the recipient, but rather to alter its genetic code. The good news is that the process can be reversed; the bad news is that it is very painful.

Starfleet Status

  • Both the Mer-People and the Mutants have settled into their new home. They have agreed to permit the Federation to visit them any time in the future.
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