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General Information

Quadrant Beta
Sector AZ-B-005
System Concipio
Planet Name Laira
Planet Type Class M

Description of Planet

  • The planet Laira is a Class M planet with an oxygen atmosphere.
  • Only 20 percent of the planet's surface is covered in water.
  • The Lairan sun is about 1.5 times the size of Sol.

Description of Race

  • The Lairans appear human in their upper bodies. Their hair is dark in color (brown or black) and has natural sparkles in it. (The males have duller sparkles in their hair than females.) Their eyes are a rich lavender color. Instead of feet, they have tentacle-like appendages which can be used as a whip-type weapon in a fight.
  • Each Lairan wears a wide cloth headband whose color indicates their clan affiliation. There are seven clans total. The affiliations are as follows:
Headband Color Clan
Royal Blue Landron
Forest Green Klarora
Red Brakton
Orange Tragur
Yellow Prolan
Purple Kinter
White Frandor
  • Lairan women are still expected to do as their husbands/fathers say, and do not have a lot of freedom. Some of the women do have higher positions, but these seem to be in assistant type positions. (i.e. L'rifa, the governor's assistant) The Lairan culture is slowly changing in this regard.

Known Contacts for Race

  • L'nar - Governor; Leader of the Lairan people - Clan unknown (Male)
  • L'rifa - L'nar's assistant - Landron Clan (Female)
  • L'tera - Clan Leader - Landron Clan (Male)
  • P'nan - Clan Leader - Frandor Clan (Male)
  • K'may - Clan Leader - Kinter Clan (Male)
  • Tr'mak - Clan Leader - Brakton Clan (Male)
  • T'mir - Researcher - Landron Clan (Female)

Other Information

  • The Lairans consider it a sign of respect when someone that's not from their world shows interest in their culture.
  • The Lairan culture is based on commerce and trade of resources, products and knowledge between different species. It seems that they have only limited scientific capabilities and that most of it was acquired through trade rather than research.

Starfleet Status

  • Friendly diplomatic relations.
  • A Federation research station is currently located on the planet with the permission of the Lairan government. This station is devoted to testing theories related to better defense shields for facilities - and perhaps later for starships - as well as other defensive items.
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