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Azeri Fleet Races - Gren

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-002
System Unknown
Planet Name Unknown
Planet Type Unknown

Description of Planet

  • Unknown

Description of Race

  • A matriarchal race.
  • Look like Bajorans but shorter.
  • Had set up underground living on the planet where the Hym and the Belua live

Known Contacts for Race

  • Zorac, grand servant to her High Exaltedness Sherak

Other Information

  • Had an orbital weapons station that phased in and out. Tracked ships using an optical tracking device.

Starfleet Status

  • The G'ren were removed from the system where they were threatening the Hym and the Belua. It was agreed by both the Hym and the Beluas that a Federation outpost would be set up temporarily on their Planet, Nimbosus VI, to ensure their safety from any G'ren threat and to help restore the planet to what it was like, almost, before the crash of the DRAKE.
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