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General Information

Quadrant Beta
Sector AZ-A-002 (Unnamed)
System Delphi
Planet Name Pedra
Planet Type Class N

Description of Planet

Pelagic - Is in the star's "habitable zone". It has an atmospheres that contains oxygen and nitrogen. Water and life-forms are typically abundant.

Description of Race

  • Live in water
  • Pointy Ears
  • Have gills below their ears
  • They do not fare well out of water and therefore use a special organic environmental suit which keeps their body constantly wet when they are not under water.
  • They are strong telepaths, but underwater their sounds are intelligible to the universal translator.
  • Out of water telepathic communication is the only possible means - their language sounds like dolphin language.
  • Their skin is pale and they are almost as tall as Humans.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Nima, Delphineae

Other Information

  • Their ships are organic and their weapons are bioelectricity discharges.
  • They are at war with the Domans, who are the same species.
  • The Domans are an evolutionary offshoot from the Delphineae.
  • The Domans adapted to live on the surface. But their communication abilities are weak and incomplete, that's why they hunt down the Delphineae to study them, they are sure they are hiding from them the secret of communication.
  • Since all the Delphinae are born from eggs on the surface, they are very vulnerable to the Domans.
  • The Domans use metallic ships and their sphere science ships create a dampening field which block ships in a region of space, thus letting them tear it apart to study the technology and to abduct the crew to study the physiology of various races.
  • Domans send bait ships which attack any ship on sight, upon destruction, they transfer the attacker ship to the dampening field, via isodimensional rift.
  • The Domans made an alliance with a group of Romulan Tal Shiar operatives.

Starfleet Status

  • Domans - Tense status
  • Delphineae - Friendly status
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