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Azeri Fleet Races - Seraphes

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-002
System Nescio
Planet Name Camry
Planet Type M

Description of Planet

They have a substantial amount of debris both in orbit and also scattered around i different pockets of space. The whole system just looks like a 'dumping ground'. The debris field is known as the "The D-Zone"; the Dumping Zone.

Description of Race

  • Fierce warriors. When they go into battle, they don’t intend to take any prisoners.
  • The Camrians fight because to die in battle is glorious. They’re very much like Klingons, but we know that the Klingons have come a very long way to get where they are today. The Camrians are where they were a hundred years ago. They are savage. They are brutal. The men are the dominant rulers, and the women are nothing more than slaves.
  • When they go into battle, they don’t intend to take any prisoners.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Dagum Alexandre. The Signo Protectorate of Camry. That is, the Head of Security on Camry.
  • Kalia - Youn girl. (Approx. 17 Terran Years old). Daughter of Dagum Alexandre.

Other Information

  • They have a custom of having a large party that can go for days for when dignitaries arrive. Everyone is expected to participate. There is no negotiating or peace talks without this custom taking place first.
  • One of their custom during this celebrations is for the major houses of the ruling clan on Camry bring their best women and offer them to their visitors. The guests are invited to take at least three, have a 'wonderful time with them,' for the duration of the celebration. The celebrations consist of drinking, eating and frolicking.
  • At least four leading officials from a governing body is expected to attend any celebration. More is permitted.
  • They are similar to Klingons in the way they focus on honor. They love to fight.
  • The female of their species have no rights and are treated as slaves and servants. Females are always in the background. Their position is to stand behind the male.
  • Their primary agenda was to wipe out the Semorians. Eliminate. Commit Genocide.
  • They have lesser technology than the Semorians. Their ships are slower and less powerful.
  • They have a weapon called Bhurrel-Amphner There is a species on Camry that lives mostly in the desert. It looks like a giant tumbleweed. This 'tumbleweed' is called a bhurro. It looks completely harmless, but if it happens to land on you, it paralyzes you and then slowly smothers you to death. It is a slow death. The bhurro keeps you alive while it nourishes on you.
  • A type of Bhurrel-Amphner can also be fired on a ship or vehicle. It drains the ship or vehicle of its power. The Camarians use this quite often on Semorian ships. It is not that effective against Federation ships.
  • They had been receiving weapons from the Pemfoids during the war against the Semorians. These weapons are of lesser lethality and accuracy than what the Semorians have. No warp technology has been shared with them though.
  • Circle of Equals, a Rat'h Plorgh - A challenge to the death (usually) can be requested sent out if you have been dishonoured
  • They have a precioius resruve that they need, the Semorians need and the Pemfoids need - trilytheloxide.
  • Religion - Nor'veth - Name of their God
  • Language - dikini and grizuth: Name calling. Something derogatory

Starfleet Status

  • Camrian's are good friends with the Federation.
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