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Azeri Fleet Races - Belua

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-A-002
System Nimbosus
Planet Name Nimbosus VI
Planet Type Class M

Distance - Approx 7 Days travel from Azeri base

Description of Planet

  • It was a planet slightly smaller than Bynaus, but with an equal distribution of ocean and continental land.
  • Has the usual varieties of mountains, plains, and other geographic features; in short, nothing terribly distinct.
  • Volcanic Activity

Description of Race

  • Ground dwellers.
  • They are not a primitive race. They have flying similar to Terran Machines, 2020. They are 'jet-type' machines.
  • It is reported that they live in harmony with the bird-like race, sharing the planet's resources.
  • Taller than humans
  • Weapons used are described as primitive and fire small projectiles. Looked like a rifle from Earth's early 21st century.
  • No modern communications or scanning technology has been seen.
  • Very well disciplined and organised
  • Skin color somewhere between orange and red
  • Reptilian type skin (Similar to Cardassians)
  • Their voice had a friendly tone to it.
  • Their security wore black uniforms and a black helmet.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Unknown

Other Information

  • Use something called "wedrans" to state distances. (Similar to Miles or kilometers)
  • A creature has been found in the caves of the planet. Its skin had different colours over it, grey, purple, pink and brown, shifting over it as a camouflage. It had about the same body mass as a human, but was more compact, making it slightly smaller then a human to the size. It had four legs and a long thin tail. There were two horns going out from the forehead of the creature and they also shifted colour to mach its surroundings. The only thing that didn't change colours, were its blue eyes.

Starfleet Status

  • The G'ren were removed from the system where they were threatening the Hym and the Belua. It was agreed by both the Hym and the Beluas that a Federation outpost would be set up temporarily on their Planet, Nimbosus VI, to ensure their safety from any G'ren threat and to help restore the planet to what it was like, almost, before the crash of the DRAKE.
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