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Azeri Fleet Races - Anasaz

General Information

Quadrant Alpha
Sector AZ-B-001 (Unnamed)
System Polaris
Planet Name There are seven planets in this system.
Planet Type -

Description of Race

  • Anasaz are tall sauroid beings.
  • Their skin is smooth and black, glistening with dark blue and gold.
  • They have got a long tail and their eyes are all of the same golden colour.
  • It is hard to distinguish them, but the younger ones are physically smaller. They are very strong and are able to block at least three people with their long tail. They have got astonishing mental abilities, being able of travel with the only use of their psychic power anywhere. They use telepathical links instead of talk. They are capable of telekinesis but they do not use it often, they move stealthy. Their mental powers increase with age.
  • The elder individuals, bigger and surrounded by a purple glowing, called the Ancient Ones (G'Ren'Hun in their language), are worshipped as Gods.
  • The guardian, Tian Long, had to protect the eggs until their arrival to reestablish a Second Empire. There are no more information about this Empire.
  • They have got Ancient Texts (K'Hesh'No in Anasaz language), purple glowing orbs, worshipped as religious, which allow them to use their immense power. However, should these texts fall into wrong hands, they could be used to control the Anasaz and store their power, killing them. They can live in the core of a star for a prolonged time.
  • The Elder Anasaz are not meant to live together, they would explode with incredible damage, due to the power they bear.
  • The Anasaz have got a body armor, created by their psychic abilities, destroyed it, their blood is purple, but they show a high regenerative speed.
  • They are friendly and basically good hearted, Dr. Farrel easily managed to gain their trust, even if they avoid contacts with other races.
  • Apparently they have an enemy, called the Hunter ( An'Kl'Hen, as himself called), which materializes in a form of huge ship. It chases them, literally opening holes (Klo'Hun'Tro as Tian Long named them) in the space continuum to reach immense distances in a matter of seconds.
  • It is unknown if Dr. Farrel is the Hunter, he tried to kil the Anasaz in Polaris system.
  • It is unknown if Polaris is their native system or not.
  • The Anasaz are able to travel through great distance in short time.

Known Contacts for Race

  • Tian Long, Guardian

Other Information

  • Tian Long threatened to use the life spirit (K'Nthrel in Anasaz language) of the away team to feed the eggs. It is unclear if it was just said to scare the officers or if Anasaz do feed upon life spirits.

Starfleet Status

  • The Anasaz requested to avoid further contacts.
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