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Science Officers are responsible for all scientific research aboard the vessel. The Chief Science Officer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge science terminals and scientific sensor arrays, and investigations into any unidentified spatial phenomena (or technology in conjunction with the chief engineer) that a starship or base may encounter.


Planet. Desolate outpost located in Cardassian controlled space. Captured by Starfleet shortly after the battle of Chin'toka. A large Dominion relay station was found and protected from recapture while engineers worked on it. On a supply run to here in mid-2373, Captain Sisko found that over two-thirds of the garrison of 150 were dead including the first and second officers. He stayed and led the force that defended the relay from two columns of Jem'Hadar until being relived by the USS Vera Cruz. (Siege of AR-588 [Null])


Homeworld of the Agrathi. A recent Federation visit to this slightly paranoid world ended in a diplomatic incident when one of the team was accused of espionage. (Hard Time [Null])

Ajilon Prime

Planet. Sparsely populated Federation colony. Attacked by Klingon ground forces in 2373 in breach of the cease-fire agreement. Three days out from DS9, Doctor Bashir responded to the request for assistance when returning from a medical conference. The Klingons took the two settlements in the northern hemisphere inflicting heavy casualties on the Federation forces before the USS Defiant arrived and re-established the cease-fire. (Nor the Battle [Null])


Planet. The USS Valiant fought a small Dominion force here in the early days of the war. The command staff were killed and the cadets took over control of the ship. (The Valiant [DS])

Althos IV

Planet. A barren and remote planet located in the Badlands. An underground Maquis base was a fallback position where Captain Sisko rescued a few surviving members of the decimated terrorist group from in late 2372. (Blaze of Glory [Null])

Amleth Prime

Planet. Located inside an emission nebula in Cardassian space. Location of a Cardassian space station. (Return to Grace [Null])


Plane where the Arowath Colony located. It is a Cardassian colony. Last known residence of Enabran Tain, former head of the Obsidian Order. (The Wire [DS9])

Ashelon V

Planet. Site of a Cardassian fuel depot near the Demilitarised Zone. A prime target for Maquis attacks. (Dreadnought [DS9])


Planet. Class M. Home planet of the Bajora. Stripped of nearly all mineral wealth during the Cardassian Occupation. [Emissary] Rotation of planet leads to day length of 26 Terran hours. [A Man Alone] Has at least 5 moons. [Progress] ([DS9])

Bajor VII

Seventh planet of the Bajoran system. Has 3 moons. (Whispers [DS9])

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