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Science Officers are responsible for all scientific research aboard the vessel. The Chief Science Officer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge science terminals and scientific sensor arrays, and investigations into any unidentified spatial phenomena (or technology in conjunction with the chief engineer) that a starship or base may encounter.

Ablative Armor

Armor that protects a starship hull from evaporation. The experimental prototype USS Prometheus ('Message in a Bottle' (VOY)) has ablative armor as well as some of Starfleet's other new ships, including USS Enterprise-E and USS Defiant. ([VOY, DS9])

Aceton Assimilator

Weapon used by the ancient Menthars in their war with the Promellians a thousand years ago. Aceton assimilators could drain power from distant sources (such as a hostile ship), then turning that energy into deadly radiation to kill the ship's crew. Hundreds of thousands of these devices were placed in an asteroid field near Orelious IX, trapping the Promellian cruiser 1,000 years ago. While still active now, they trapped the Enterprise-D in 2366. (Booby Trap [TNG])

Adaptive Interface Link

Computer connection used to exchange information between two computer systems of different alien origin. An adaptive interface link was used to download information from an alien space probe of unknown origin to Deep Space Nine's computers. (The Forsaken [DS9])

Alternate Reality

Parallel universe, which is a copy of our universe, but with a different timeline. Harry Kim was caught in a time stream in 'Non Sequitur' (VOY), bringing him to an alternative reality (San Fransisco, same time, different timeline). In that reality he got a Cochrane medal for great advances in warp theory, is an leading starship designer and about to marry with his girlfriend Libby.

Alternative Warp

Mentioned in 'The Alternative Factor' (TOS) as a FTL drive that exists of a negative magnetic corridor in which universes come together. The corridor is not supposed to breach. (The Alternative Factor [TOS])


Term used for a dead star in an antimatter universe. (The Counter-Clock Incident [TOS])

Angosian Alteration

Used by the Angosians in 'The Hunted' (TNG) to turn normal men into 'killing machines'. The process alters cell structure using substances as cryptobiolin, triclenidyl and macrospentol (The Hunted [TNG])

Annular Confinement Beam

Aiding beam of a transporter. The beam serves two purposes: The first is to maintain a 'lock' on the subject, so the transporter knows what to beam out, and what to leave behind. The second purpose is to do the actual transporting, whilst keeping the subject in one piece subjectively.


Portable device used aboard Federation starships for handling cargo and other items too large for a single crew member to carry. The mechanism after it is called a -> graviton inverter circuit. (Hollow Pursuits [TNG])

Antigrav Thrusters

Thrusters utilizing antigravity to ascent a ship from a planetary surface. USS Voyager is equipped with antigrav thrusters ('Demon' (VOY)). Already, before the episode was produced and aired, the writers of the Star Trek Encyclopedia stated that antigrav thrusters were used in the ascent of Voyager from a surface, and that the landing pylons merely provided additional stability while being on the surface.

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