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Science Officers are responsible for all scientific research aboard the vessel. The Chief Science Officer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge science terminals and scientific sensor arrays, and investigations into any unidentified spatial phenomena (or technology in conjunction with the chief engineer) that a starship or base may encounter.


Anasaz are tall sauroid beings. Their skin is smooth and black, glistening with dark blue and gold. They have got a long tail and their eyes are all of the same golden colour. It is hard to distinguish them, but the younger ones are physically smaller. They are very strong and are able to block at least three people with their long tail. They have got astonishing mental abilities, being able of travel with the only use of their psychic power anywhere. They use telepathical links instead of talk. They are capable of telekinesis but they do not use it often, they move stealthy. Their mental powers increase with age. Read More (Mission: 001 [USS Pegasus])


Andorians are the only species known to the Federation that employs characteristics of both mammalian and insectoid creatures.. They are founding members of the United Federation of Planets.

Andorians are natives of the planet Andor (known as Fesoan to the natives). Andor is a hot, dry world with very little surface water, and a gravity of 0.90 T.

Physically, they are blue-skinned humanoid bipeds with white hair and knobby antenna on the crown of their heads. They lack visible ears. They have characteristics of both mammals and insects. They are all ambidextrous. Like mammals, they are warm-blooded, bear their young live, and have an internal skeletal structure to which their muscles attach. Like insects, they have a limited exoskeleton which gives them extra damage resistance from attacks. While the eyes of an Andorian are actually color blind, their antenna have very good color receptors in them, and also hold their hearing apparatus. Their mechanisms for color vision and hearing are so good, they give Andorians the advantages of infravision and ultrasonic hearing. The antenna face forward and cannot rotate, causing Andorians to hear better from the front and sides than the rear. Each of the two antennae stalks are susceptible to damage and injury. Any hit will cause intense pain to an Andorian. If one stalk is destroyed, the Andorian can still "see" but at a loss of what was before. If both stalks are destroyed, the Andorian becomes deaf and color blind.

The history of this race was once a violent one, based on war and conquest. While they will fight if challenged, or even challenge a foe themselves if they feel it to be necessary, they will never quarrel without a good reason. Also, they tend to remain quiet and listen to discussions until there is something with meaning to say. Andorians are not usually very boisterous.

Andorians believe in family above all else, even public duty. Their marriages consist of groups of four. These marriages are very complicated, and involve a great deal of ritual. Their families are very large, due to the fact that they are very prolific as well. They are exceptionally good at communications and navigation.


Androids are a synthetic person, possessing human features; an artificial life form. Appears, reacts, thinks, learns and acts like a human. The android Data in The Next Generation has a positronic brain. Androids are seen many times in Star Trek. The first time was in 'What are Little Girls Made Of?' (TOS), where four androids are encountered, made by a thousand-year-old technology left by an alien race. In 'I, Mudd' (TOS), a race of androids created by a 1,743,912 years dead race called 'The Makers' (The Makers came from the 2,2 million lightyears away galaxy of Andromeda). In 'Requiem for Methuselah', the android Reena (a.k.a. Rayna) is created to live forever on Holberg 917G as companion for Flint. In The Next Generation, the android Data stars as bridge officer on the Enterprise. He has a brother, Lore. In the series, Data has no emotions, but in the movies 'Generations' and 'First Contact', Data is equipped with an emotion chip. Data is always trying to understand the nature of humans. Data stated in 'The Naked Now' (TNG) that he is a fully functional male who can be sexually compatible with humans. In 'First Contact', he said that he hadn't sex for over 8 years. Data created a female child named Lal in 'The Offspring' (TNG), but her emotions killed here. The Automated Units in 'Prototype' (VOY) are androids too, but not very humanoid looking.


Andorians are the only species known to the Federation that employs characteristics of both mammalian and insectoid creatures.. They are founding members of the United Federation of Planets.

Anticans are a large, furry, sentient, humanoid species native to the planet Antica in the Beta Renna system. They are a carnivorous species that prefers to eat live meat, and do not limit their carnivorous nature to non-sentient species. Anticans appear to be evolved from a race similar to the Terran Mongoose. Anticans developed combat reflexes due to their long-standing conflict with their sister planet and its inhabitants, the Selay.

Anticans applied to the Federation for admission in 2364. The Federation helped to resolve a long standing dispute between them and their sister planet, Selay.


Bajorans are a humanoid race from the planet Bajor. Their culture is much older than Terra's and was known to flourish over 25,000 years ago by Terran reckoning. Bajorans are a very spiritual people, and their history has produced many great architects, artists, builders and philosophers. They have only recently been allowed to rebuild their culture, after three decades of Cardassian occupation. Bajor was claimed by Cardassia in 2328. Cardassians annexed Bajor to the Cardassian Union in 2339, and occupied the system until 2369, when the Bajoran resistance finally drove them off. The Bajorans requested Federation assistance in rebuilding their civilization, and in running the space station the Cardassians constructed and left behind. The Federation is currently still operating this station, known as Deep Space Nine.

Bajorans have a small upper nasal ridge on their faces, which is the main difference between them and humans. They prefer to wear earrings on their right ear.

Bajorans developed an intolerance of Cardassians due to the recent Cardassian occupation of Bajor. The Bajoran sense of spirituality is so strong that they have developed a very strong will due to their faith. Most Bajorans have studied their religion fairly extensively. Also, most Bajorans with a highly-developed faith are also devoted to the rebuilding of their world. ([DS9])
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