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Guidelines - Sample Post

A standard post is one that;

  1. includes the Stardate, Mission Day, Time and Scene at the beginning of the post.
  2. is approximately 300 words or more in length written in third person, past tense and narrative style.
  3. The player's name, character name, role and assigned unit is placed as the end of the post.

See below for a sample. It is approximately 350 words in length.

Mission Day: 34
Time: 1410 hrs
Scene: Away team - Planet Side

"Are they air or land craft?" asked Johnson quickly as she tried to make sense of her scanned readings.

"Air," Moore replied quickly.

"Over here," Commander Preston called to them as he pushed aside a loose wooden panel to reveal an opening into the building, and disappeared inside. Johnson quickly moved to the opening, and gestured for Moore to join them. She then indicated to him that he should enter the building while she stood guard. Once Moore was inside, she followed quickly.

Johnson's eyes began to adjust to the darkness slowly as did Moore's and Preston's. The trio began to move deeper inside the building when suddenly they heard a sound outside. It sounded like weapons firing. They sought cover within the room they had entered. Preston hid behind a carton on the left, while Johnson and Moore moved behind a carton on the right. Johnson and Moore were now out of sight range from Commander Preston, the leader of the away team.

Another set of voices could be heard form one corner of the room. Johnson turned and looked in the direction to find herself looking at a group of eight or nine humanoids who had just ascended some stairs. They were similar in looks to herself, but dressed in rags, bare-footed and suffering severe malnutrition. She could see half a dozen well-armed Aliens bringing up the rear, laughing and joking as they pushed and shoved those humanoids that were struggling to keep up with the main group.

A ray of light shone into the room as the wooden panel was slid open again and the Aliens who were chasing the away team entered the building. Both groups of Aliens draw their weapons on each other.

"Werch twon!" an Alien who was accompanying the group of humanoids commanded.

Johnson could not make out the words as the universal translator had not had a chance to interpret enough of the language just yet. She watched on as the two different groups of Aliens began to converse, every now and then one of the humanoids was pushed as they continued to laugh and joke about amongst themselves. Johnson wanted to jump out and help them, but held herself back knowing that the time was not right to do so just yet.

Then suddenly one of the Aliens who had entered the building yelled out. "Show yourselves!" It seem the universal translator had been able to interpret enough of the language during the Alien conversation.


Character: Ensign Kym Johnson
Player: Alison Smith
Position: Chief Security Officer
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