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General Information

Character Name: Danielle Marshall
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Science Officer
Gender: Female
Age: 32(Terran Years)
Race: Human/Centaurian
Birth Place: Alpha Centauri
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Physical Build: Medium to Tall in Height. Well toned body, strong.


* Major: Science, Diplomacy.
* Command Training: Life Sciences
* Specialist Skills: Forensic Science

Service Record

Science Officer, USS Wellington
Science Officer, USS Melbourne
Science Officer, USS Endeavour


Daughter of David Marshall (Centaurian - Civilian - Scientist) and Susannah Marshall (Human - Civilian - Scientist). Danielle was born on Alpha Centauri, but grew up on Rigel XIII, where her parents worked in a Dilithium Mining Plant. Both parents were killed in a mining accident only a few years ago. Her older brother is still living. They keep in contact when they can.

Danielle entered Starfleet at the earliest age possible, full of enthusiasm and energy, just like many other eager Junior Officers. She moved through the ranks very quickly, but only to find herself facing a court-martial at the age of 27, in her first year as a Lieutenant. While serving on the USS Melbourne, Danielle commanded an away mission where two crewman were killed. She was found guilty of negligence and reduced two ranks, one for each death. Danielle never talks about the incident.

Now, more than ever, she was determined to work her way through the ranks and perhaps one day, she might just captain a Starship vessel. She suffered through the humiliation of returning to duty at a lower rank and worked hard to regain her status. Eventually she was re-instated as a full Lieutenant, but the promotions came through much more slowly the second time round as she fought hard to regain the confidence and trust that Starfleet had in her before her court-martial.

Once she retained her rank, Starfleet congratulated her on her strength and tenacity of overcoming the hardships she had to endure. She was assigned to the USS Endeavour. It was on the USS Endeavour where she fought the Dominion War.

When a Chief Science role became available in the Azeri Fleet, a Fleet that was situated some distance away from Starfleet HQ, she was given the opportunity to apply. With little reason to stay close to Starfleet HQ, she did so and now serves in the Azeri Fleet.

Psychological Profile

Marshall is a tough officer, not afraid to take chances. Her inner strength, dedication, thoughtfulness and diplomacy earned her respect and recognition in Starfleet, regardless of the court-martial earlier in her career.

Danielle was, and still is, a career orientated starfleet Officer. The thought of marriage never entered her mind until she met Lt. Commander Kyle Lucca, a Starfleet Officer who she fought alongside in the Dominion war. They planned to wed when the war was over. However, Kyle was assigned to lead what was termed a 'routine' mission, and sadly, he never returned. Presumed dead. The body never found.

Her talents in science allow her hands-on expertise, if necessary.

* Beliefs - Honesty, Loyalty.
* Hobbies - Holographic Novels, Scientific Studies.
* Fitness - Very Fit
* Favourite Drinks - Tea, Red Wine, Water.

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