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Type Medical Ship
Unit Run USS Olympic

NCC 55012 USS Nobel
NCC 58928 USS Pasteur
NCC 58930 USS Flemming
NCC 58932 USS Florence
plus 98 vessels built. 80 have been lost in the Dominion war; 21 remain in service.

Commissioned 2366 - present
Dimensions Length: 239 m

Beam: 90 m
Height: 96 m
Decks: 23

Mass 650,000 tons
Crew 160 standard crew, plus up to 200 medical personnel and 1,000 patients
Armament 2 x Type VI Phaser arrays, total output 750 TW
Defence Systems Shield system, total capacity 310,500 TeraJoules

Standard Duranium/Tritanium single hull
Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise: Warp Factor 6

Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 8
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9 for twelve hours

Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower: 15

Torpedo Firepower: -
Weapon Range and Accuracy: 200
Shield Strength: 115
Hull Armour: 50
Speed: 792
Combat Maneuverability: 3,000

Overall Strength Index 120
Diplomatic Capability Grade 3
Expected Hull Life 100 years
Refit Cycle Minor: 1 year

Standard: 5 years
Major: 25 years

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