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Engineering - Nebula Class - Deck Plan

Deck Plans

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Deck Sections
1 Captain's Ready Room, Main Bridge, Observation Lounge
2 Junior Officer's Quarters, Environmental System Controls
3 Junior Officer's Quarters, Upper Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Upper Maintenance Bay
4 Main Shuttlebay, Main Shuttlebay Maintenance Bay, Shuttlebay Operations
5 Shuttlebay Lower Maintenance Bay, VIP Accommodations

Transporter Room 1-4, Main Science Labs

7 Senior Officer's Quarters, Arboretum
8 Crew Quarters, Commanding Officer Quarters, Executive Officer Quarters, VIP Quarters
9 Senior Officer's Quarters, Stellar Cartography (Main Entrance)
10 Ten-Forward Lounge, Stellar Cartography (Lower Bay), Holodecks (Upper Bay)
11 Holodecks 1-4 (Main Entrance), Holosuites, Gymnasium 1-2 (High Bay), Banquet Halls
12 Medical Facilities - Includes (Main Sickbay, CMO Office, Counselor's Office,Sickbay Main Computer, Surgical Ward, Neo-natal Ward, Biohazard Ward, Critical Triage Ward, Primary ICU, Overflow ICU, Trauma Stasis Unit, Medical Sciences Ward)
13 Cargo Bays 1-2, Residential Quarters
14 Cargo Bay 3-4, Residential Quarters
15 Cargo Loading Doors, Armory, Phaser Range
16 Captain's Yacht Docking Port
17 Crew Quarters
18 Crew Quarters
19 Crew Quarters
20 Crew Quarters
21 Holosuites
22 Structural Integrity Field Systems, Matter Injectors
23 Deflector Dish
24 Main Engineering, Sensor Maintenance
25 Science Labs
26 Aft Torpedo Launcher, Defensive Shield Systems
27 Environmental Support, Waste Management

Cargo Bays

29 Antimatter Supply Manifold, Antimatter Storage Pods
30 Tractor Beam Emitter,Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Injector, Antimatter Loading Hatch, Warp Engine Core Jettison Hatch
Reference: Ex-Astris Scientia
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