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A medical officer is typically a physician (M.D. or D.O.) whose job is to protect the health and well being of the ship's officers and crew. Other health professionals, such as nurses (R.N. or L.P.N.), field medics, medical technicians, and counselors, assist the ship's medical staff in maintaining the crew's well-being. (When there is no counselor aboard, a medical officer will assume this role.)


Examination of the abdomen to detect abdominal disease.

Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation

Medical procedure that uses genetic re-coding to alter the brain of a humanoid patient. The procedure is illegal under laws dating back to the end of the Eugenics Wars. The Federation ban on DNA resequencing was based on the argument that if genetically enhanced people were allowed to compete freely, all parents would feel pressured to have their children enhanced so that they could keep up.

Amniotic Scan

Sensor readings of the fluid contained within the amniotic sac of a mammalian pregnancy.

Annual Physical

Routine medical examination required of all Starfleet personnel.


The Autosuture is used to close wounds in patients. Similar to anabolic protoplaser, but it is designed to close wounds, rather than heal them.

These devices can be anything from a simple spray designed more for the purpose of dressing the wound than closing it (Type I Suture), to complex sprays that cause phagocytosis of debris and bacteria (Type II) to the establishment of artifical fibrins or collagens (Type III).

More powerful autosutures serve as epithelial cell regenerators and granulation tissue enhancers.

In general, sutured wounds hold together if sealed correctly. The autosuture is an instrument whose use is best left to professionals. (Suddenly Human ]TNG[)

Bacteriological Warfare

Use of harmful bacteria by the military as weapons against the enemy.

Basilar Arterial Scan

Medical diagnostic test that detects radiation damage to the nervouse system. A medical scan that Dr. Bashir performed on O'Brien when he experienced his time shifts (Visionary ]DS9[)

Berylite Scan

Medical procedure used aboard Federation starships. (A Matter of Time ]TNG[)

Bicaridine Treatment

Regenerative therapy for fracture patients. It is used for patients who are allergic to metorapan. Beverly Crusher recommended bicaridine when her son, Wesley, was injured in an accident at the Academy Flight Range in 2368. (The First Duty ]TNG[)


An artificial organic material that can be surgically implanted into the person's body to replace damaged tissue.

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