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A medical officer is typically a physician (M.D. or D.O.) whose job is to protect the health and well being of the ship's officers and crew. Other health professionals, such as nurses (R.N. or L.P.N.), field medics, medical technicians, and counselors, assist the ship's medical staff in maintaining the crew's well-being. (When there is no counselor aboard, a medical officer will assume this role.)

Alpha Wave Inducer

This is a device designed to induce sleep in most humanoids. It is an electronically generated anaesthetic. The patient enters a deep dreamless sleep during which surgical procedures can be carried out without causing pain to the subject. Please note- Improper use (eg. a regular replacement for natural sleep) or overuse is not recommended and may cause harm. (The Passenger)


An ampule is a small container that fits into a hypospray. The container is locked, and can only be unlocked after being loaded into the hypospray.

Inside the container are small particles of either one drug or several drugs in solution. The hypospray administers the drugs contained in an ampule. Many times, a doctor will tell a nurse, "I need an amp of hydronalyn, stat!", indicating that the entire measured dose of hydronalyn is to be administered by hypospray.

Filters in the ampules and polarizing devices from a hypospray make possible the administration of multiple medications from the same hypospray if the ampule contains several drugs in solution. Multiple-drug ampules make possible the administration of several medications without having to change ampules in the hypospray. For example, during cardiac arrest, it is convenient to have several drugs in an ampule like epinephrine or atrophine, all of which could be administered with ease by changing the hypospray setting to give a different medication from the same ampule.

Anabolic Protoplasers

These devices are used to heal internal as well as external body damage without the need of opening the patient up. They use small force-fields, phase-modulated lasers, and anabolic accelerators to heal injuries quickly without any scarring afterwards. They come in a variety of sizes for different injuries. The smaller units are used for fine work, things like the eyes and ears. The larger units can heal cuts or even broken bones. They temporarily confer the advantage of Instant Regeneration to the area treated, but cannot replace surgery in serious injuries. Instant regeneration is only able to be used on minor injuries, while surgery still required for more serious injuries.

Aphasia Device

A device built by Bajoran terrorists and planted on Terok Nor when it was under construction. Its purpose was to release and spread the aphasia virus through the replicators, then through the air. It was meant to be used against the Cardassians, but wasn't triggered until O'Brien repaired a replicator, after the Cardassians were gone. (Babel [DS9])

Ara Scan

This is a truth-detecting Medical scan for Humanoids.

Automatic Response Analysis

A scan used to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not (Ex Post Facto)

Axonal Amplifier

Bioelectronic device of Borg origin, believed to be some type of neuroprocessor.


Starfleet's Medical department has a wide assortment of bandages. There are simple bandages made of a sterile material that does not bind with clotting wounds. Dermapatch is available in both a spray applicator, and in larger pre-formed pieces.

Battle Field Trauma Kit

Small packet of medical supplies used to dress wounds in the field.

Bio-temporal Chamber

Medical device created by the Emergency Medical Hologram aboard Voyager in 2379. The chamber used a bio-temporal field to push cells into an earlier stage of entropic decay.

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