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It is hard to believe and hard to accept that there are no reliable technical specs on the Defiant, definitely one of the most popular starships in Star Trek. It is most disturbing that not even the ship's size is certain. Depending on what is taken as a reference, its length seems to vary between 50m and 170m. This means an uncertainty factor of 3.4 for the length and even 39 for the volume! Since the DS9 Technical Manual with seemingly accurate deck layouts was released in 1998, the confusion is complete, for the plans do not correspond at all with the numerical size figures in the same book. In addition, there are secondary problems like the uncertain armament, the location of the impulse engines, the existence of a landing gear or the registry number of the new Defiant.

Therefore, what you read below has been created for the use of the Azeri Fleet RPG ONLY.

Deck 1
1 Command Bridge Deck 1 sm.jpg
2 Transporter 1
3 Dueterium Storage Tanks
4 Plasma Exhaust Vents
5 Stateroom (2)
Captain's Quarters,
Executive Officer's Quarters,
Captain's Ready Room
6 Pulse Phaser Canon
7 Engineering Upper - Deck 1
8 Sensor Palette
32 Phaser Charging Coils
- Officer and Crew Quarters
- Bridge Situation Table
- Escape Pods (A-J)
Deck 2
4 Plasma Exhaust Vents Deck 2 sm.jpg
9 Impulse Engines
10 Engineering Lower - Deck 2
11 Duel Computer Core (Upper)
13 Science/Medical Lab
14 Sickbay
15 Warp Coils Port/Starboard (Upper)
16 Mess Hall
17 Targeting Sensors
18 Transporter Room 2
Deck 3
9 Impulse Engines Deck 3 sm.jpg
11 Duel Computer Core (Lower)
15 Warp Coils Port/Starboard (Middle)
19 Aft Torpedo Magazine (2)
20 Shuttlebay 1-2 (Upper Level)
21 Antimatter Storage
22 Cargo Bay Pad
23 Bay Door Mech
24 Cargo Bays (4)
25 Shuttlebay 3 (Upper Level)
26 Cargo Transporter
27 Main Airlock (Port/Starboard)
28 Quantum Torpedo/Probe Launchers (4)
29 Landing Legs
30 LWR Sensors - Lateral
31 Navigational Deflector
32 Phaser Charging Coils
- Escape Pods (K-O)
- Shuttle Hangar (Upper)
Deck 4
15 Warp Coils Port/Starboard (Lower) Deck 4 sm.jpg
19 Forward Torpedo Magazine
20 Shuttlebay 1-2 (Lower Level)
22 Cargo Bay Pad
23 Bay Door Mech
25 Shuttlebay 3 (Lower Level)
28 Quantum Torpedo/Probe Launchers (4)
29 Landing Legs
30 LWR Sensors and Shuttle Bay Access
31 Navigational Deflector
Reference: Maximum Defiant
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