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Holodeck Programs / Holosuite Programs

Aikido 1: Martial Arts exercise program.

Altonian brain teaser: Try to relax and make the multicolored sphere turn into a single color.

Alture VII relaxation program: Bathes you in a protein bath, then carries you off on a cloud of chromal vapor.

Ancient West: A town on the 19th-century American wild frontier.

Barclay programs: Series of customized programs designed by Reginald Barclay.

Baseball greats: Ben Sisko’s program for playing baseball with such players as Buck Bokai, Tris Speaker, and Ted Williams.

Battle of Britain: Aerial combat in primitive flying machines during Earth’s second world war.

Battle of Clontarf, The: The historical battle between Irish warriors and Vikings on Earth in 1014.

Battle of Tong Vey, The: An epic Klingon conflict.

Beowulf: Epic Old English heroic poem.

Black Sea at Night: Romantic program complete with moonlight and balalaikas.

Boraal II/Vacca VI transformation: The surface of Boraal II, with the topography slowly changing to match the surface of planet Vacca VI.

Boreth: Klingon monastery where the faithful awaited the return of Kahless the Unforgettable.

Bridge Officer Examination: The engineering portion of the exam was a Holodeck simulation.

Cafe des Artistes: A French sidewalk cafe located in Paris.

Cardassian sauna: A Cardassian spa.

Champs Elysees: The famous section of the city of Paris.

Charnock’s Comedy Cabaret: A 20th-century comedy club.

Christmas Carol, A: Dramatization of the classic Charles Dickens story.

Cliff of Heaven: Program 47C, cliff diving on planet Sumifo III.

Curtis Creek: Fly fishing in an Earth stream.

Dancing lesson: Program Crusher 4, a ballroom setting with simulated dance partners where Beverly Crusher first studied dance.

Defence simulations: Training routines used by Starship Voyager crew members.

Denubian Alps: Skiing in a spectacular mountain setting.

Desert sunset: A beautiful desert on a Class-M planet.

Dixon Hill: The 1930-1940's world of San Francisco gumshoe detective Dixon Hill.

Emeral Wading Pool: From planet Cirrus IV, a very safe experience.

Emergent life-form holodeck sequence: Symbolic train trip created by the Enterprise-D’s computer.

EMH program 4C: The holographic doctor’s personality-improvement project, incorporating historical figures.

Equestrian adventure: Horse riding in an open countryside with a choice of various mounts.

Einstein, A conversation with: Simulation of Professor Albert Einstein.

Enterprise bridge: The bridge of the original Constitution-class Starship Enterprise.

Gondolas in Venice: On the canals in Venice, Italy on Earth.

Henry V: Dramatization of Shakespeare’s play.

Hoobishan baths: The famous spa on Trill.

Hoverball: Championship sport using an antigravity ball.

Ion surfing: An exciting sports program.

Janeway Lambda-1: Gothic romance holonovel set in old England.

Jupiter Station diagnostics: Diagnostics matrix for a starship’s Emergency Medical Hologram with a holographic version of Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.

Kabul River: Horseback riding in the Himalayas on Earth.

Kahless and Lukara: The greatest love story in Klingon history.

Kayaking: White-river adventure.

King Arthur’s court: Ancient England’s Arthurian legend.

Klingon Age of Ascension: Ceremony celebrating a warrior’s coming of age.

Krios 1: The Kriosian Temple of Akadar, used for their Ceremony of Reconciliation.

Lake Cataria: Romantic re-creation of the lake of Betazed.

Lake Como: Restful and romantic sailboat trip across the beautiful lake in Northern Italy.

Lake George: A moonlight sail on the lake in northeastern New York on Earth.

Lauriento massage hologram #101A: A beautiful woman with webbed fingers gives a great back rub.

Low Note, The: New Orleans club on Bourbon Street, with jazz band, circa 1958.

Maranga IV: Program K’Mtar Alpha-one.

Mars in a 1957 Chevy: A romantic (at least according to Tom Paris) evening in a ‘57 Chevy on the hills overlooking Utopia Planitia.

Moliere plays: The comedic works of the great 17th-century French playwrite.

Moonlight on the beach: Site of Geordi’s unsuccessful date with Christi Henshaw.

Neelix One: Medical program that provided holographic lungs for Neelix after he was attacked by Vidiians.

Novice tennis tournament: Contest for beginning level tennis players.

Ohniaka III: The aftermath of the Borg attack.

Orient Express: Nostalgic trip aboard the historic train of the late 19th century.

Orion animal women: An energetic program featuring three green Orion slaves.

Parallax Colony: A colorful “colony of free spirits.”

Parkland: Open grassy field, setting for Tasha Yar’s memorial.

Paxau resort: An exclusive vacation spot on planet Talax.

Pleasure mazes: Life-sized labyrinth puzzle with a sexual encounter in the center.

Poker with great scientists: Poker game with simulations of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.

Polynesian resort: Inspired by Earth’s Polynesian island cultures, according to Neelix.

Pon farr therapy: Medical program intended to aid Ensign Vorik through the ordeal of the Pon farr.

Puccini’s La Boheme: Duet from Puccini’s la Boheme, featuring famous historical sopranos.

Queen’s Gambit, The: Secret agent adventure about a plot to assassinate the Queen of England.

Riga, Stano: Comedy program based on the noted 23rd-century quantum physicist and humorist.

Rock climbing: Challenging spelunking adventure.

Romulus: The incredibly beautiful Chula Valley on Romulus.

Rousseau V: A spectacular asteroids belt.

Sailing ship Enterprise: The 19th-century sailing frigate Enterprise.

Sandrine’s: Program Paris-3 Chez Sandrine, a bistro in Marseilles, France.

Secret agent: Adventures of a British secret-service agent in 1960s-era Earth.

Sherlock Holmes: Nineteenth-century London according to the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sigmund Freud: Session with the legendary psychoanalyst, complete with couch.

Tactical situation: Simulation of the Voyager bridge used in Tuvok’s field training exercises.

Tanuga Station: Series of simulations used in the extradition trial of William Riker.

Tempest, The: Act V, scene 1, of the Shakespeare play.

Three Musketeers: The classic tale reinterpreted by Reginald Barclay.

Transwarp flight: Engineering and training simulation of warp 10 flight.

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards: Holodeck file 9140, a drafting room where part of the Enterprise-D was designed.

Visit with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx, A: Nog’s favorite holoprogram.

Volleyball: Kim sport

Reference: Star Trek: Encyclopedia
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