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Deck Plans

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Deck Sections
Command Operations
1 Fleet Admiral's Office, Executive Conference Room, Holodeck
2 Fleet Executive Officer's Office, 2nd Officer's Office, Conference Room
3-5 Main Operations Centre, Fleet Admiral's Ready Room, Senior officer's Conference Room, Main Communications Office, Chief Comm Officer's Office
6 Quartermasters Office, Emergency Transporters, Observation areas, Merchant Association Executive Office.
7 Fleet Admiral's Quarters, Fleet Executive Officer's Quarters, Attache Quarters, Holodecks 2-4 (Executive Use Only)
8 OPS Power Grid, Life Support Systems, Upper Level Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Quantum Torpedo Storage
9-25 Upper Computer Core, Starbase and Starfleet Administrative Offices, Lifeboats, Turret Mounted Disruptor Cannons
26-38 Defense Force Administrative Offices, Lifeboats
39-50 Defense Force Administrative Offices, Lifeboats
51 Emergency Transporters, Lifeboats, Hand Weapons Storage, Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
52 General Conference Room, Main Transporter Rooms 1-4, Holodecks 5-6 (Official Use only), Medical Bays 1-2
53-75 VIP Quarters
76 VIP Dining Room, Banquet Hall, Holodecks 7-9 (VIP Use Only)
77 VIP Recreational Facility, Sauna, Lounge, Gymnasium, Pool
78-80 VIP's Aides Quarters

Upper Saucer
81-150 Senior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 11-13, Emergency Transporters, officer's Gymnasium, Medical Bays 3-4 Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Dining Rooms (Senior Officer's)
151-200 Senior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 14-16, Emergency Transporters, Gymnasium
201-250 Senior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 17-19, Emergency Transporters, Gymnasium Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
251-400 Junior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 20-21, Emergency Tranporters, Dining Rooms (Junior Officer's)
401-550 Junior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 22-23, Emergency Transporters Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
551-700 Junior officer's Quarters, Holodecks 24-25, Emergency Transporters
701-705 Science Labs 1-2, Astrometrics Bay, Holodecks 26-35, Medical bays 5-6 Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage.
706-760 Quantum Torpedo & Probe Storage Area, Backup Command Level Computer Core, Battle Centre II, Secondary Ops
761-765 Upper Impulse Engines, Upper Shield Generators
766-770 Upper Fusion Reactors
771-780 Cargo Bays, Main Transporter Rooms 5-25
781-800 Shuttle/Fighter Bays, Shuttle Commanders Office, Pilot Briefing Room, Ready Room, Pilot Lockers, Training Simulation Holodecks 36-50 (Flight Ops Use Only) Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
801-820 Flight Command Crew & Flight Staff Quarters, Dining Rooms (Flight Staff)
821-822 Auxiliary Fusion Reactors (Dedicated Door Power), Impulse Engines
823-840 Replicator Stock Storage, Emergency Transporters, Lifeboats
841-843 OPS Power Grid, Holodecks 51-65
844-846 Science Labs 3-10, Secondary Astrometrics Lab, Holodecks 66-70, Emergency Transporters
847-850 Medical Level Engineering Area, Fusion Reactors, Life Support, Shield Generators
851-855 Medical Labs, Hospital Wardrooms, Surgical Wards, Holodecks 71-75
856 Main Starbase Medical Facility, CMO's Office, Assistant CMO's Office, Counselling Offices, Main Receiving Area/Triage Centre, Research Labs, Holodecks 76-85
857-859 Starbase Medical Facilitities
860 Deuterium Storage, Deuterium Fuel Pumps, Fill Ports
861 Primary Use Diplomatic Balls, Large Official Functions, Large Scale Training Exercises
862-875 Judge Advocate General's Offices (JAG)
876 Federation Council Affairs, Diplomatic Communications Centre
877-900 Various Corporate Offices, Holodecks 86-95 (Diplomatic/Legal Use Only), Main Transporter Rooms 26-35
901-930 Federation Member Offices, Emergency Lifeboats Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 96-100
931-970 Bajoran Embassy, Betazed Embassy, Cardassian Embassy, Klingon Embassy, Romulan Embassy, Terran Embassy, Vulcan Embassy, Other Emabassies, Representatives from throughout the UFP, Holodecks 101-110
971-980 Various Diplomatic Offices, Emergency Transporters
981-999 Main Summit Chamber - Capacity 25,000 people

1000-1999 Ecospheres - Federation, Klingon, Vulcan, Betazoid, Bajoran, Others.

Deck 1050 - Local Bar "The Hive"

Middle Saucer
2000 Battle Centre III, Auxiliary OPS Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 111-120
2001-2525 Enlisted Crew Quarters Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 121-125, Dining Rooms (Enlisted Crew)
2176-2350 Enlisted Crew Quarters Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 126-130, Dining Rooms (Enlisted Crew)
2351-2525 Enlisted Crew Quarters Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 131-135, Dining Rooms (Enlisted Crew)

Hangar Decks / Shipyards
2526 Cafe and Bar - "First Glimpse". Provides a view to the Hangar Decks and Ship Yards
2526-2999 Main Starship Hangar Decks (4) Federation Ship Yards, Holodecks 136-175
3001 Main Transporter Rooms 36-50 , Emergency Sickbay Facilities Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 176-180

Station Operations
3002 Chief Engineers Office, Asst. Chief Engineers Office
3003-3048 Main Engineering, Fusion Reactors, OPS Power Grid, Engineering Computer Core, Holodecks 181-190
3049-3067 Auxiliary Fusion Reactors (Dedicated Life Support
3068-3100 Deuterium Fuel Storage
3101-3150 Maintenance, Drone Storage & Repair Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
3151-3200 Engineering Bays, Engineering Labs, Prototype Technology Bay, Holodecks 191-200
3201-3205 Industrial Replicators
3206-3215 Environmental Control
3216-3220 Battle Centre IV, Holodecks 201-210
3221-3240 Quantum Torpedo/Poleron Torpedo Storage Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
3241-3249 Navigation systems, Gyro stabilizer Control
3250 Maintenance Offices
3251-3350 Cargo Bays
3351-3400 High Security Decks and Quantum Torpedo Launchers/Storage, Holodecks 211-215
3401-3500 Engineering Support Offices Holodecks 216-220
3501-3600 Lower Shuttlebays, Shuttle Support, Auxiliary Flight Ops
3601-3640 Impulse Engines Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
3641-3650 Security Decks, Chief of Security's Office, Main Brig, Holding Cells for all Environments, Master of Arms Office, Weapons Storage, Holodecks 221-230
3651-3750 Waste Recycling Facilities
3751-3849 Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
3850-3899 Emergency Transporters, Lower communications Office, Lower Science Bays, Holodecks 231-240
3900-3954 Cargo Bays, Modular Storage, Environmental Management Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
3955-3994 OPS Power Grid, Waste Management/Reclimation, Shield Generators
3995-4000 Subspace Antennae, Pathfinder Array, Auxiliary Sensor Array, Gamma Ray Telescopes Phaser Arrays, Torpedo Launchers/Storage
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