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Academy - Cadet Cruise

Standard Academy Training
Four years - All Starfleet officers must attend the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Earth, and complete a minimum four year training program, however some courses may last much longer. Most students enter the Academy at age 18 (Candidates have been known to be accepted at the Age of 16).
Cadet Cruise
One year - Cadets can opt for a cadet cruise to gain more experience.
Command Training
Two Years - Those who wish to pursue a career in command can add two more years for each specialised command training.

After completing four years at the Academy, Cadets are usually sent on a one-year cruise in space, where their performance is evaluated by officers in the field. During that cruise, the officer-in-training carries the rank of Cadet First Class (Cdt 1st Class). This rank is considered to be one below Ensign, but still an officer's grade and rank. Sometimes, due to extremely good performance of duties, a Cadet will be promoted to Acting Ensign (with an increase in pay and rank) in the field. ,

Cadet Cruise Assignments may include:

Special Assignment
Starship Division
Exploration Division
Military Division
Colonization Division
Marines Division
Starbase Division
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